The Boy and the Paper

Written for NYU Science Communication Workshop with Stephen Hall.

The Boy and the Paper

My science picked up over winter break of 2009. I was holed up on the top floor of a research building in a frozen Iowa City, night after night poring over data as a second year master’s student. I had collected . . . → Read More: The Boy and the Paper

Space Clamps!

Check out the debut performance of the Space Clamps from this year’s Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego, featuring Sara Steele on guitar, Emily Schulman on vocals, and yours truly on the keys:

. . . → Read More: Space Clamps!

Visual Energy

Kinetic perimetry maps the potential energy of activating the minimum number of photoisomerizations required for conscious detection. . . . → Read More: Visual Energy

Science Fiction Turned Realities Gone Wild

I wrote this Op-Ed piece for a Science Communication Workshop I’m in at NYU.

Science Fiction Turned Realities Gone Wild

Science fiction can often predict the future. Star Trek’s communicators foreshadowed the cell phone. 1984’s Big Brother exposed privacy concerns now relevant. We must take a look at the current science fiction world and ask . . . → Read More: Science Fiction Turned Realities Gone Wild


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