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This is a personal website for Erik Lee Nylen.

I am an engineer who works on problems in how the brain works (or doesn’t). My interests are in how the brain encodes information from our senses, and how we make decisions based on the information we receive.

My current research probes the neural basis of hearing. I am a predoctoral fellow in the Center for Neural Science at New York University in the laboratory of Alex Reyes. I have previously worked in clinical human genetics and electrophysiology with an emphasis in vision at the University of Iowa, later spending the better part of a year wondering why humans are so bad at making decisions about how much water they want to drink.

In my time away from lab, I: the Dancer Relations Director for The Stand – New York City’s Dance Marathon. drums for the band Mary’s Roommate. wimblefoot with the All Stuyvesant Wimblefoot Club.

The header pictures are of science, food, and me.