Houdini at Bat

“I could do things like tap the dirt off my cleats with the bat and swing back and forth like they taught us. Twist the neck and squint, spit. Stepping up to the plate, though I’d look forward to where the ball was to come from, the pitcher, and all I’d see was an etching . . . → Read More: Houdini at Bat

Dialoge mit Pascal Wallisch II

[Author’s Note: The first Dialoge mit Pascal Wallisch was several months ago, where Pascal joined the first-year graduate student office at CNS for an afternoon and talked about whatever was on his mind. This Dialoge was arranged for the Advanced Science Communication Workshop with Stephen Hall at NYU, where the prompt was to write a . . . → Read More: Dialoge mit Pascal Wallisch II

Stars and the Sky

Winter was a world of darkness. Arriving before sunrise, six out of seven days were in the lab, in the dark room. In vision experiments, I had to control every photon that was meant to be seen, meaning stray light was prohibited from leaking into the room with lots of felt and duct tape.

. . . → Read More: Stars and the Sky

An Arm and an Eye

“Well my arm, yea, always been kind of shaky. I was climbing a tree when I was six or seven and fell landed on a barbed wire fence. Ripped right into the bicep. Pretty clean cut, considering these barbs aren’t exactly fresh out of the sharpening factory. I was able to get good function back . . . → Read More: An Arm and an Eye

In the dark room

The Boy and the Paper

Written for NYU Science Communication Workshop with Stephen Hall.

The Boy and the Paper

My science picked up over winter break of 2009. I was holed up on the top floor of a research building in a frozen Iowa City, night after night poring over data as a second year master’s student. I had collected . . . → Read More: The Boy and the Paper

Visual Energy

Kinetic perimetry maps the potential energy of activating the minimum number of photoisomerizations required for conscious detection. . . . → Read More: Visual Energy


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